Why the huge price difference between the binoculars?

Check out the specifications of the two binoculars below, and guess which model is the most expensive.

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what do you think about it?

Looking at this table, you can believe that Nikon Monarch 7 will be more costly than the Leica Ultravived HD-Plus. Having a good field of view of Nikon Monarch 7 and having close focus, they have very similar references.

Surprisingly, Nikon Muncher 7 costs about $500 dollars and Leica Ultravid HD Plus comes in more than $2,000.

What’s going on here?

Well, the binocular specifications and features do not necessarily affect the price.

What think you! Does affect the price?

As we’ve discussed, binocular manufacturers have a last-end search to provide us with a perfect image. Some of the common issues include customer experience, brightness and color, depth of field problems, chromatic retardation, frying and cramps damage. Many of these problems are included in galactic structures or at the sunrise / sunset during the challenging light environment.

Many of these issues can be solved or reduced, but it comes with a price.

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