What is the Angle of View in Degrees?

In these special binoculars, the angular field is 4.4 degrees, the length of the person 1000 yards means that you have to see a linear field of 230.406 feet or 70.23 meters.

In other words, you will have a wide view of 230.406 feet while looking at binocular at approximately 1000 yards away from the target. So you can see about 115 feet left or right from the center of your target without moving to distances.

For example, if two people standing 1000 yards away from you, your distance to the right and one on your right was about 230 feet, but your field scene will be 230 feet away from 1000 yards when looking through binoculars.

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To convert the angular field to more real linear fields, examine the angular field by 52.5

For Example: If the Angle of View is 6.9 degrees, then FOV will be 362 feet. (6.9 x 52.5 = 362)

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